Skills Matrix

 One of the difficulties most businesses face is the correct skills within the organisation at both the director and staff levels. Our matrix is tailored to your business with areas relevant to your services.  Having the matrix will assist in workforce planning, recruitment, cost savings and training and development ultimately ensuring that operational and business risks are mitigated.

The service is provided based on a series of scoping meetings and discussions around the current organisation, services and staff.  The Skills Matrix is then tailored to your business and categories of required skills and competencies.  The service is charged on an initial fee and then an ongoing support fee which can be paid monthly or annually. 

The Example below is a scoring based on 5 Directors with categories defined for a Charity based in Scotland.

Skills Matrix Example1

Score 0 - 5

The scoring is based on the following;

0 - No Experience

1 - Limited but some knowledge

2 - Minimum experience in past

3 - Current experience requiring training

4 - Strong current knowledge and experience

5 - Current, accredited and very experienced


Set percentage thresholds as to whether the organisation has sufficiently skilled workforce or board of directors. Obviously between the low and high threshold is considered acceptable but should be monitored or additional training shold be provided. Below the Low threshold is unsatisfactory and needs addressing with either recruitment or training.

Low - default is 40%

High - default is 75%